Barnaul Cooperative College
Altai Territory,

Barnaul, pr. Lenina, 38

Monday-Thursday from 8.00 to 17.00

Før jeg træffer en endelig beslutning om at købe Cialis sikkert på nettet på nettet, vil jeg undersøge anmeldelser og feedback fra andre forbrugere.

Choose what suits you more

Things that I make usually arouses interest of my friends, acquaintances, relatives and others.

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It is easier for me to express my thoughts clearly and in detail by writing.

Question 2 in 20

I easily manage to resolve persons disputes.

Question 3 in 20

I easily get to know new people.

Question 4 in 20

My relatives believe that I am able to choose the best goods that presented in shops.

Question 5 in 20

People often tell me that I know how to defend my point of view.

Question 6 in 20

I read books about the protection of the natural environment, forests, animals with great interest.

Question 7 in 20

I like to follow food bloggers and watch culinary TV shows.

Question 8 in 20

With great interest and for a long time I can count something, pass tests, draw.

Question 9 in 20

I know how to convince friends that they need to do something in such a way, and not in another.

Question 10 in 20

I always follow launching of new products and services.

Question 11 in 20

It's not hard for me to help strangers.

Question 12 in 20

I like to spend time with people when they need to be occupied with something, get involved in deals, help with something.

Question 13 in 20

I am easily given painstaking work that requires concentration.

Question 14 in 20

I easily and with great pleasure understand diagrams, graphs, drawings, tables.

Question 15 in 20

I am an active participant in amateur art.

Question 16 in 20

I never become an initiator of conflicts.

Question 17 in 20

I often experiment with cooking.

Question 18 in 20

It is important for me that goods have high quality and benefits.

Question 19 in 20

I like to solve difficult tasks and take part in strategy games.

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