Barnaul Cooperative College
Altai Territory,

Barnaul, pr. Lenina, 38

Monday-Thursday from 8.00 to 17.00

Før jeg træffer en endelig beslutning om at købe Cialis sikkert på nettet på nettet, vil jeg undersøge anmeldelser og feedback fra andre forbrugere.
National Championship of Professions and Entrepreneurial Ideas "Career in Russia"

The CIR Championship is a platform for interaction between education, business and youth, with the aim of promoting the highest standards of professional, entrepreneurial activity recognized in the international community, "nurturing" effective professional, entrepreneurial teams, as well as building successful career trajectories for future graduates.

The CIR Championship provides access to:

schoolchildren and students to learn productive career navigation skills in the labour market

teachers, mentors, trainers to the resources of comfortable methods for developing the potential of students and those groups of competencies that are in demand by the labor market and business

business representatives and employers to "soft technologies" of personnel partnership and efficient production/technological training

regional governments to productive technologies of coordination and cooperation of business, education and youth

In 2020, the Barnaul Cooperative College became a participant in the cycle of special methodological events organized by the Educational Platform of the National Championship of Professions and Entrepreneurial Ideas "Career in Russia" - the CIR Academy, among which the following can be distinguished:

  • technology conference "Entrepreneurial Village" in the format of a cycle of 5 online sessions that brought together professional educational organizations throughout the country. The main theme of Entrepreneurial Village 2020 was the personnel partnership of college, business, youth and regions, as well as resource solutions for transforming the college into a recognized center for career navigation and personnel training in the region, in the industry.
  • Skills-hackathon "Renew the profession," during which students, under the guidance of coaches, built a dialogue with the business community to understand what competencies are especially in demand today in the labor market.
  • "Hackathon. Employment "- an analogue of the personnel podium, transferred to online mode.
  • The Professional training ground marathon in all specialties of the technical school, a feature of which this year was a hybrid form of testing organization: part of the events took place completely online, part in the usual mode, external customers and experts made suggestions, comments and assessments through social networks, while the activity itself in social networks was an indicator of the quality of events.
  • "Personnel Partnership Workshop" is a project of the CIR Academy aimed at testing graduate employment tools as part of a partnership between business and regional authorities in the field of education.