Barnaul Cooperative College
Altai Territory,

Barnaul, pr. Lenina, 38

Monday-Thursday from 8.00 to 17.00

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Material and technical resources

The college has the academic building, the hostel, canteen, the gym, the assembly hall, library with the reading room. The Material base of college is constantly updated and improved at the expense of own means. The college has educational offices and the laboratories necessary for implementation of educational process according to the operating FGOS SPO. Registration and the equipment of offices complies with modern technical requirements, goals and objectives of training of specialists, a comprehensive computerization of educational process. Educational offices are equipped with the modern equipment, an interactive board, multimedia installations. Educational culinary and confectionery shops, laboratory of chemistry and microbiology are equipped with the modern equipment, technical means. The coffee machine, a bar counter, etc. are installed steam convectomate. Are available the educational shop equipped with the Cashier's automated workplace TorgServis, the trade equipment and stock; the educational accounts department equipped with computers, the banknote counter, the detector of currencies.

For training of specialists the specialized computer laboratories equipped in enough with modern personal computers which are distributed in 5 computer audiences, educational offices, administrative service premises are used are united in local network. In technical school 31 multimedia audiences are equipped (20 projectors and 11 LCD TVs with big diagonal). There is a high-speed Internet connection on a fiber-optic dedicated line on speed of 200 Mbps, the free Wi-Fi-Internet for all students and employees. In educational process information means, such as operating systems are widely used: MS Windows of 7 Professional, MS Windows10 Professional, MS Windows of 2008 Server, MS Windows of 2016 Server and also Microsoft Office software products 2010, Microsoft Office2016, GIMP, a complex of software products on base 1C 8.3, the Cashier's automated workplace TorgServis, Union of Right Forces "Consultant Plus". 4 computers are equipped with web – cameras. The 3D printer is installed. There is a laboratory of the trade equipment equipped with the Cashier's automated workplace TorgServis and 1C Rarus: Mall. For ensuring educational process the automated workplace of a teaching department is used. Programs for work in the multimedia class "Bakery Technologist", "Technologist-culinary specialist", R-keeper, "Economy and accounting", "Merchandizing and examination of quality of consumer goods are acquired. Management of the range of goods", "Seller, controller, cashier", "Pastry chef", "Technology of products of public catering", "Marketing", "Theory of accounting", programs of warehouse account. For information on news and events in college the information screen is used (LCD is the monitor).

The collegehas sufficient information and methodical providing. The fund of educational and methodical literature increases and is constantly updated. 14 names of periodicals, such magazines as are written out: "Chief accountant", "Modern trade", "Commodity researcher of food products", "Management of shop", "School of an epicure", "School of an epicure. A collection of recipes", "The business bulletin", "Merchandizing of nonfoods", "Epicure", "Physical education and sport", "The Altai bulletin of Rospotrebnadzor", "The administrator of education", "Our business", TortDeko, etc. are available to students electronic versions of educational literature and electronic periodicals. For information and methodical ensuring educational process in library the training materials developed by teachers of collegeof different problems concentrate: lectures, grants, albums, methodical recommendations, etc. The volume of fund of the main educational literature with a signature stamp of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and other federal executive authorities of the Russian Federation is 75% of all library stock. The library has enough additional literature on all specialties which students can use for increasing knowledge on disciplines, for writing course and theses, the organization of independent work. The quantity of educational literature on one student of the contingent brought to full-time courses is 17 copies.

Repairs of educational audiences, laboratories, administration premises, inhabited and utility rooms in the hostel are annually made.

In the main building of college, hot meals of students through distribution of the dining room, buffet are organized, work as the dining room is organized from 11:00 till 15:00 o'clock. In the dining room the food is organized on a varied menu on days of the week. For preparation of dishes modern processing equipment, steam convectomateis used. 

The collegehas the hostel. The students living in the hostel are provided to all necessary. Are organized routine maintenance and overhaul repairs of living rooms, the system of video surveillance, fire protection is installed, electric stoves are replaced, fridges, washing machines, etc. the equipment and stock are acquired. In the hostel the room of self-preparation, the recreation room, the reading room with computers, the sports room, the ironing room, shower, a laundry are equipped. In the hostel the health center which serves students of technical school is located.

In collegethere is an assembly hall with the equipped places for holding of conferences and the multimedia equipment and also the Museum of history of consumer cooperation of Altai Krai.

The collegehas sports gym, the gym.

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