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Road safety

During many years in the Barnaul Cooperative College there are systematic work on prevention of children's road and transport traumatism.

The work purpose — education of culture of behavior on the street, in transport and training of traffic regulations.

Training of students in Traffic regulations is intended to prepare the disciplined participant of the traffic capable to ensure personal security and safety of the people surrounding him in the conditions of the road and transport environment.

The main areas of work on prevention of road and transport traumatism are:

·       organization of studying traffic regulations and bases of safe behavior on roads within disciplines of Fundamentals of Health and Safety and BZhD;

·       organization and carrying out thematic class hours;

·       organization of quizzes, actions and competitions.

These directions are implemented not only for the purpose of promotion of traffic regulations, but also to show how it is necessary to behave correctly on the road how to avoid road accident to remain safe to keep the life not to bring a trouble to the house.

Traffic rules (SDA) for children: road safety


Safety of pedestrians

Daily we are participants of traffic, acting as the pedestrian, the passenger or the driver. To be a pedestrian is very responsible. Safety on the road depends in total both on pedestrians, and on drivers. And risks are also present at both parties. The pedestrians crossing the street on red light or in not put place are quite often guilty of road accident. Some of them just forget that if you cross the road, it is necessary to look around because the car can unexpectedly appear from behind turn. And then will look already late in her party.

Annually in Russia about one thousand children aged up to 16 years perish, more than 20 thousand get injuries and wounds. At the same time, as world statistics of health care testifies, 90% of children get long mental injuries. Understand set of all road accidents (RA) for a certain period in which children and teenagers aged up to 16 years died and were wounded as children's road traumatism

Therefore both drivers, and pedestrians need to follow the basic rules at which the risk of the road accidents will decrease:

1) pedestrians have to move on sidewalks or walking paths, and at their absence — on roadsides;

2) at the movement on roadsides or the region of the carriageway in night-time or in the conditions of insufficient visibility the pedestrians are recommended to have at themselves objects with retroreflective elements and to provide visibility of these objects with drivers of vehicles;

3) pedestrians have to cross the carriageway on crosswalks, and at their absence — at intersections in the area of sidewalks or roadsides;

4) at unregulated crosswalks the pedestrians can come to the carriageway after estimate distance to the approaching vehicles, their speed and will make sure that transition for them will be safe.

To traffic regulations we are taught still since childhood and when we mature, at once we forget all elements. And the basic rule, perhaps, is survey of the road before transition to her opposite side. As this rule, but if it was observed by all pedestrians is banal, the road accidents would be less. Also it is impossible to cross the street in not put place even if you very much hurry.

At adverse weather conditions the pedestrians need to be extremely attentive! If on the street a rain or fog – visibility of the driver worsens several times. In such conditions it is difficult for driver to go. The distance necessary for a car stop, on the road, wet from a rain, increases. Therefore having only made sure in perfect security begin transition. Remember, the car can't instantly stop!

From January till September, 2020 in Altai Krai the number of road accident with participation of children increased by 1.7% (from 180 to 183) in comparison with the same period of last year. Three children died in these accidents, 194 were traumatized. At a press conference reported about it in traffic police of the region

The separate rule for pedestrians, as well as for drivers, the behavior on the road to ice time is. It is, whenever possible, desirable to move only on the sections of the road which are filled up with sand or on snow. During crossing of the road it is necessary to be extremely careful and to pass only to green light. Because if suddenly the car close appears to steal a march, covered with an ice crust, very risky.

Observance of these simple rules will help to reduce the probability of emergencies on roads. Remember, your safety and safety of the people surrounding you depends on your discipline on the road!

For the State traffic inspectorate work on prevention of accident rate with participation of pedestrians is one of priority activities, every third road accident in which people suffered or died, happens to participation of pedestrians.

Pedestrians – one of the most vulnerable categories of participants of traffic. In comparison with drivers, they are physically not protected, and the road accidents with their participation often become the tragedy – as a rule, the pedestrian gets severe injuries, including incompatible with life. Quite often because of ignorance of Traffic regulations or neglect the pedestrian becomes them responsible for road accident.

During 2019 in the territory of Altai Krai 354 road accidents (APPG – 361) are registered from which

to children aged to 18 years there were 56 road accidents,

died – 0, it is wounded – 59

to children aged to 16 years there were 43 road accidents,

died – 0, it is wounded – 44

For the current period there were 17 road accidents

with participation of children of passengers aged to 12 years,

in which 17 minors were wounded

with children aged to 16 years – 21 road accident,

in which 22 minors were wounded

To participation of children pedestrians aged to 16 years there were 22 road accidents in which 22 minors are wounded.

There were 11 accidents on crosswalks in which 11 minors are wounded.

To be a pedestrian – it is very responsible. Traffic – difficult process, but its safety depends on acts of each person, so, and on you. You have to follow traffic regulations strictly. It is especially important to be able to behave on the street, to cross the road and the nobility governed for pedestrians.

Road signs for pedestrians

Rules of safe behavior on the road:

1. It is necessary to go only on the sidewalk, a walking or bicycle path and if isn't present - on the roadside (on the region of the carriageway) surely TOWARDS TO the movement of vehicles.

2. Where there is a traffic light the road should be crossed only on a green signal of the traffic light.

3. In places where there are no traffic lights, it is safe to cross the road on the underground or elevated crosswalk, and at their absence on pedestrian ("zebra").

4. If there is no crosswalk, it is necessary to go to the next intersection. If on proximity there is neither crosswalk, nor the intersection, cross the road on the shortest way. And only where the road without protections is also well visible in both parties, having looked attentively on the left and to the right.

5. Begin to cross the road, only after you make sure that all cars stopped and pass you.

6. Don't stop to watch a situation on the road to transition time.

7. It is impossible to get through protections.

8. If the road wide, and you didn't manage to pass, wait it is possible on "the island of safety".

9. It is dangerous to play games on the road and on the sidewalk. It is strictly forbidden to run out on the carriageway because of trees, cars and other objects which prevent the driver to see you in time.

10. At the movement on edge of a carriageway in night-time designate yourself by a retroreflective element (elements).

11. Don't linger and don't stop on a carriageway, including on the line of the horizontal road marking dividing counter and passing flows of vehicles except for a stop on islands of safety.

12. At approach of the vehicle with the switched-on indicators of blue or blue and red colors the pedestrian is forbidden to cross a carriageway, and the pedestrian who is on a carriageway has to leave it, observing precautionary measures.

13. If you just went out of the bus and you need to come over to other side, then the best option is to wait when transport drives off from a stop. Other option - to pass to the established place of transition - to the crosswalk designated by the road sign or a marking or to pass to an installation site of the traffic light and only here it is safe to cross the road.

14. Even on roads where seldom passes transport, in the yards of houses, it is necessary to be always attentive and not to forget about the safety. Not to cross the road without having looked around, cars can unexpectedly leave the lane.

15. At expectation of transport stand only on airfields, on the sidewalk or the roadside.

Recommendations for the organization of safe road traffic

Student, remember!

Your safety and safety of the people surrounding you depends on your discipline on the road. We wish you happy journey!

Cyclist safety