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Scientific and methodical work

Management of scientific and methodical work is performed of the deputy director for studies.Scientific and methodical work of teachers staff of college is directed to realization of methodical subjects of year which are formulated annually, are discussed and approved the forthcoming academic year at meetings of a faculty meeting of college. Methodical subjects of year are formulated taking into account trends of development of modern education and inquiries of society.

Methodical subjects:

Updating of the programs of training of specialists of an average link (PTSAL) and their methodical providing taking into account the corresponding updated FGOS SPO, professional standards and relevant requirements of labor market.

Development of effective mechanisms of personnel partnership.

Improvement and systematization of digital educational resources in educational space of college.

Development of design business activity of students on the basis of standards of WorldSkills.

Development of effective mechanisms of assessment of quality of educational services (programs) based on independent expert assessment including within the demonstration examination, for definition of further points of growth and further development of college. 

Main directions:
  • Participation in the movement WorldSkills, functioning of the specialized center of competences on competence "Business" on the basis of college;
  • Organization of network interaction with the state and municipal educational bodies and businesses;
  • Involvement of employers to formation of modern content of professional education, accreditation and implementation of educational programs, independent assessment of efficiency and quality of training of shots;
  • Increase in the status of educational services to the level of an independent field of activity of the Altai kraypotrebsoyuz;
  • Improvement of infrastructure of college for formation of professional and enterprise competences of students on the basis of the WorldSkillsstandards and technologies of the federal educational project the National championship of professions and the enterprise ideas "Career in Russia";
  • Creation of the modern and safe digital educational environment providing high quality and access to education;
  • Development of new variable educational programs on the basis of individualization of educational trajectories, technologies and content of educational process;
  • Creation of conditions for development of the modern educational environment, use of the educational and laboratory equipment, formation of the new technological environment of education.

For quality management of scientific and methodical work in technical school the methodical council constantly works.

Teachers actively introduce various interactive forms and methods of training: business and role-playing games; the solution of practical situations - cases; contextual training; lessons on production; work in microgroups; lessons competitions; lessons conferences; lessons excursions; seminars; problem statement of material; lessons presentations; trainings; design training, etc.

Teachers conduct open lessons and extracurricular activities. The next open events are recognized as commission of experts the best:

Open lesson of discipline "History" of the subject "Formation of the Uniform Russian State" (O.V. Yushkov);
Open lesson of discipline of "Mathematician" of the subject "Kramer's Formula (for the System of the Linear Equations with Three Unknown)" (I.N. Bykov);
Open lesson of MDK 03.02 "Merchandizing food and nonfoods" on the subject "Drawing Up Trade Characteristic and Assessment of Quality and Marking of Perfumery and Cosmetic Goods" (E.E. Oppel.);
An open extracurricular activity – thematic historical квиз with application the case technologies "We Are Successors of the Victory!" (A.G. Duca).

Result of the accumulated experience of training, creative activity registration of methodical developments on current problems of a technique of teaching is.

Within work of laboratory of pedagogical skill, questions were considered:

  • Possibilities of use of digitalization in educational process.
  • Providing on-line of training of students in disciplines/MDK at the Moodle platform.
  • Application of the ZOOM platform for holding video lectures.
  • Use of the Microsoft Teams platform in educational process.
  • Methodical recommendations about carrying out studies in on-line a format.
  • Methodical recommendations about carrying out the current and intermediate certification in on-line a format.
  • Methodical recommendations about holding a SFE in on-line a format.

Teachers attach great value to scientific research. Scientific research of students is directed to deepening and judgment of professional knowledge, ability to be guided in market economy. Research activity of students is expressed in writing of papers, reports, creative and research works, creation of projects. Results of research are represented at conferences of various levels.

Students under the leadership of teachers of college participated in the next conferences, competitions, the Olympic Games:

  • Regional student's academic and research conference "Current Problems of Development of the Consumer Market";
  • Regional student's it is scientific - the practical conference "Current Problems of the Present — a Look of Young People";
  • Regional competition of research works of "Tradition of my people";
  • Interregional competition "Science and youth: problems, search, decisions";
  • Regional subject on-line Olympic Games on humanitarian disciplines of a general education cycle";
  • A regional stage of the All-Russian Olympic Games of professional skill of SPO UGS 40.00.00 studying in the specialty Law 40.02.01 Right and the organization of social security;
  • Regional competition of professional skill "Do-re-mi buffet reception".

Students – participants are awarded with diplomas and certificates.

In college, motivational conditions for pedagogical activity through skills development, professional retraining, certification of pedagogical workers are created.

For training of specialists according to the updated FGOS SPO in technical school standard legal support, material equipment, educational and methodical providing the main professional educational programs of PPSSZ, funds of estimated means is improved that promotes improvement of quality of training, training of the competitive experts of an average link adapted in modern economic conditions.

In collegeassessment 3D system including levels takes root: expert assessment – assessment of the teacher, professional expert, mentor; a self-assessment - the student's assessment; client assessment - the consumer's assessment. The 3D system of assessment is used when holding examinations in the module, qualification examinations, during professional grounds. The qualification examination, examination in the module is held in educational offices, laboratories of college, in educational shop, educational culinary and confectionery shops, directly at the enterprises. 

As a subject of estimation the possession of labor process, possession of work methods, working tools and materials, possession of knowledge on which work, key competences and values which the student has to possess is based are considered.

Within the State Final Examination in "Economy and accounting" the demonstration examination and also independent assessment of quality of training of graduates in this specialty is held.