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Altai Territory,

Barnaul, pr. Lenina, 38

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 The problem of the health, development and education of teenagers is an important state task. In the last decade, for our country, the use of alcohol, drugs and other surfactants by minors has become a problem that poses a serious threat to public health, economy, social sphere and law.

One of the point of educational work of Barnaul Cooperative College is the formation of students' skills in a healthy lifestyle and a steady moral and psychological rejection of substance abuse. It is the function of Narcopost.

Tasks of Narcopost:

• development of healthy lifestyle skills and responsible attitude to students health;

• dissemination of information about causes, forms and consequences of drug abuse;

• creating a situation in teenagers environment that prevents drug abuse;

• organization of preventive work with parents (legal representatives) of students about problems of youth alcoholism, drug addiction, tobacco smoking and substance use.

Alcohol is a killer 


Smoking is also an addiction


Tell the drugs NO!

Choose a healthy lifestyle!