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Før jeg træffer en endelig beslutning om at købe Cialis sikkert på nettet på nettet, vil jeg undersøge anmeldelser og feedback fra andre forbrugere.
Distance Studing

The main task facing each professional educational organization today is to choose the optimal tools for the implementation of distance learning, as well as their rapid adaptation to the needs of participants in the educational process.

As part of the project "Digitalization of the educational process," which was initiated by director Krasilova I.N., systematic work was carried out at the technical school on the Moodle platform. Instructions were developed for teachers to post educational material, create tests, conduct webinars, and provide methodological support and advice to the technical service of the technical school. All this allowed in the current conditions during the week to place updated lectures, tasks for practical work in full. Today, teachers develop tests in all disciplines, interdisciplinary courses, and also place tasks for monitoring and intermediate certification. The Moodle platform allows you to keep daily records of students, generate current and final statements, as well as constant communication with all participants in the educational process in automatic mode.

The next direction is the organization of online lectures, individual and group consultations on the Zoom platform.

In accordance with the work plan of the technical school, online meetings of the administration, meetings of subject-cycle commissions, methodological associations of class leaders and the pedagogical council are held.

The methodological service of the technical school ensured the reformatting of curricula and work programs for each educational program. Emphasis was placed on the development of new educational material.

In order to ensure communication with students, responsibility for each specialty was appointed, which monitors the interaction of the teacher and student. Created group chats, Google tables to monitor attendance. A Google questionnaire was conducted to identify the problems that trainees may encounter during distance learning. Based on the results of this work, corrective actions were taken.

An important aspect is the socialization of students, which is supported by chat rooms, online meetings of the Council of Co-Management, the Council of Managers, classroom hours online, creative competitions, posting useful information on the site, as well as in VK, Facebook and Instagram groups. Online psychological and pedagogical support is provided to relieve emotional tension.

All measures taken will ensure the full implementation of each educational program.

List of Electronic Resources for distance education

Our favorite students! The administration and teachers of BCC see your success in distance studing, active participation in online competitions and volunteers. Our appreciation is reflected in this video.

The Council of Co-Management and the Creative Laboratory of the Barnaul Cooperative College on Instagram launched a competition for the most creative, serious or funny video about how our students study at home.

Teachers of the Barnaul Cooperative College supported the competition for the most funny video on distance learning, and shot a response video called "We teach at home. We teach together"