Barnaul Cooperative College
Altai Territory,

Barnaul, pr. Lenina, 38

Monday-Thursday from 8.00 to 17.00

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Library (co-working center)

General information

The location is the 3rdfloor of the college.

The library is one of the structural department of the Professional Educational Private Institution“Barnaul Cooperative College of the Altai Regional Consumer Union”. The library is guided by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Law of the Russian Federation "About Education," the Federal Law "On Librarianship," the regulation on the College library and other regulatory documents.

To ensure the educational process and meet the requirements of the Federal State educational standard of secondary vocational education of the new generation, the College Library has a specialized fund of print and electronic publications to meet the versatile educational information needs of students.

The Educational and Teaching Literature Foundation includes:

  • 19111 copies of printed publications;
  • 14,104 titles of electronic publications (EBS "Yurite," EBS "Academy," EBS BOOK.RU).

Recorded in the library of 1676 readers, of which 1622 students of the technical school of full-time and correspondence education.

The library actively collaborates with the main libraries of the city - AKUNB named after V. Ya. Shishkova, TsGB named after N. M. Yadrintsev, branch No. 36 - hold joint events.

Library Structure


The subscription provides each student with the basic educational literature for the implementation of the educational process in all disciplines.

Book exhibitions are constantly operating in the library: "Novelties"; "New periodical"; themed shelves are decorated: "Encyclopedia. Reference books. Dictionaries"; "Books about the Altai Territory"; "Books on the Great Patriotic War"; "Books on the history of Russia and the world"; "Healthy lifestyle." More than 13 titles of newspapers and magazines were published, including Gastronom, School of Gastronomy, Our Business, Business Bulletin, Tovaroved Food Products, Store Management, Physical Culture and Sports, Social Service, Military Knowledge, etc.

Book exhibitions are regularly organized to help the educational process and to events, such as the "Polygon of Professions," for the jubilees of writers and poets, for significant and memorable dates.

The subscription is equipped with three computers connected to the Internet and the Local Network of the technical school.

The formation of the book fund has a positive growth dynamics. Reference and encyclopedic publications, textbooks, monographs, popular science and fiction are purchased both in traditional print and in electronic form.

Reading room

The reading room is designed for 50 seats and is equipped with five computers connected to the Internet and the local network of the technical school.

Help and Search Engine

Much attention is paid to the search engine.

Since November 2013, the library has installed an automated information library system "1С: Library," which allows you to manage the library's information resources, organize an electronic catalog to more quickly search for the necessary information about the library's fund, and perform bibliographic help.

Library Services

  • Provision of documents from the library fund (subscription, night subscription, reading room);
  • Issuance of standard sets of educational and methodological literature;
  • Advice on finding and selecting sources of information;
  • Information and bibliographic maintenance (compilation and design of literature lists in accordance with GOST R 7.0.100-2018 "Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules of compilation ")
  • Access to the electronic catalog of the library
  • Access to "Consultant-Plus" (reference legal system under the legislation of the Russian Federation with regular updating)
  • Internet access

Library working schedule:

Monday-Thursday 07.45 - 16.30

Friday from 07.45 - 15.30

Saturday-Sunday - day off


e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

VK. Library. Barnaul Cooperative College

Head: Levina Irina Borisovna

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