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Adolescence is the transition from childhood to adulthood. This growing up occurs with all adolescents and has common patterns. Someone passes this period quite quickly, someone grows up slowly and painfully.

In the transition period, there is a state of uncertainty when something old begins to go away, and a new one has not yet arrived. It's called a crisis. This crisis is manifested in the restructuring of the whole body. The adolescent development crisis is the need to solve two contradictory problems. To understand who I am, what I am, on my own, and to understand who I am and what I am among people. And all this happens in a situation of continuous physiological changes, active growth and hormonal storms.

In adolescence, there is a very important hormonal restructuring of the body and changes in appearance. Believe me, your appearance right now is not the final option. Be more patient with changes in your appearance. If your emotional reactions offend others, you can always apologize to a person when you "cool down." Only strong people recognize their mistakes, and the weak are looking for the guilty.

During a difficult relationship with your parents, you can give them hope. Only you can let them know that you love them, show care and desire to help. Believe me, when your parents have problems, they also sometimes drop hands, they worry and also do not know what to do.

The most important thing in life is security. Even prudent people sometimes find themselves in difficult situations. It is better to walk when it is light, it is better to spend the night at home and always warn parents about where and with whom you are. The freedom you seek has the opposite side - responsibility. Until you're 18 years old, your parents are responsible for you.

It's important to see who your friend is, who you're friends with. For me, a true friend is the one who makes you better, stronger. If you're offered to do something you don't want to do, learn to say no. Your "No" will not be a sign of weakness, your "No" will be a sign of maturity.

If you skip classes because of problems in relations with classmates or a teacher, you drive yourself to a dead end. Remember - you need to go to classes! It is hardest to return to the technical school after having missed more than two or four weeks. Absenteeists are often treated as lost people. And if you continue to go to classes, then both classmates and teachers will be more friendly to you.

Anything that's happening to you right now can remind you of a storm, a hurricane. Sooner or later, the storm will end. The sun will rise and the world will bloom with colors. If you remember that any crisis inevitably passes, that the teenage crisis is an important step towards adulthood, then it becomes a little easier.